Lillie's Dream pattern release and MAL

Hi Everyone, 

I am so excited! I have just released my latest design, Lillie's Dream.

Now available for purchase on Ravelry and Etsy

Until October 18th 2019, get 30% off. Plus $2 from every sale goes to SANDS Australia.

This design is dedicated to everyone that has been touched by infertility, miscarriage and still birth.

Releasing this pattern with such a meaning on International day of pregnancy and infant loss makes it extra special. 

Pattern features

  • Pictures for 98% of the rounds/rows of the pattern.
  • Video tutorials for all parts of the pattern.
  • Pattern is written in US terms, but UK terms listed in stitch glossary.
  • The option of 3 sizes - 40", 60" or 80" but you can also make a rectangle as the border is adaptable.
  • Yarn amounts listed for each colour change.
  • The choice of 2 colourways - Vintage rainbow (main picture) or Rainbow after the storm (yet to be completed) *not affiliated, these are the designers colour choices

Why does the design have such a meaning you may ask? 

If you are not familiar with Buttonnose Crochet patterns, i make it my aim to design from the heart. This design is just that. It is my heart exposed to the world.

The meaning behind the design

For the past 6 yrs my hubby and i have been trying for a baby. Unfortunately i have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). This condition for me makes my hormones out of balance and thus i do not ovulate to fall pregnant. Infertility is common in woman with PCOS, so it is a journey i was prepared to take.

In March 2017, we had another failed cycle with infertility treatment. It was deflating to say the least. It seemed everyone but us were getting pregnant or having babies. After 4 yrs of trying i was loosing hope. I was depressed, angry and jealous just to name a few.

To cope with all my emotions i turned to what has always helped me with my mental health, crochet.

I started to just play with stitches just to sooth my soul not even thinking what i was doing. I had no plan, just to crochet until my heart did not hurt anymore.

This was the result
yarn used - Stylecraft Batik (in multiple colours)
I posted my creation on Social media and there was a huge response, many wanted the pattern, but i had not written it down and i was not in the right mindset to share the reasoning behind it.

2 yrs on, i felt my journey through infertility had changed in the sense that although i would always want another baby (i was blessed with a daughter 13yrs ago) i was able to accept that it may never happen. I was in a place where i accepted what life had thrown at me.

I started to remake my design and since i have always wanted a daughter named Lillie, i have named the pattern Lillie's Dream. But also too, this year i found out my paternal great grandmother's name was Lily (how cool!)

The design process

Lillie's Dream is a journey of Hope, faith, love, strength, endurance, heartbreak, acceptance and happiness.

The octagon

The Octagon represents faith, hope and heartbreak. This part of the journey is all your dreams and hopes for a baby, but as time goes by and through loss, heartbreak shatters your dreams.

Designing the octagon was part of the original design idea. once i made the star i decided i would make a blanket with multiple octagons. Doing so meant it can be worked in small time frames without taking a long time to finish a round once it got too big.
But with octagons, there were spaces to be filled so it could become a blanket, thus i designed the square and triangle.

The Square

The Square represents acceptance. This part of the journey is near the end as you start to accept what has come to be. Accepting the pain, is hard at first but over time you learn to live with it but even just one reminder of your journey can bring you to tears as all the emotions come to the surface.

Designing the Square took a few attempts to really represent what it meant. After about the 5th attempt i was happy with the design. Changing the flower colours to cream represented the surrender to the heartbreak.

The triangles

The triangles represent strength and endurance. These attributes are needed for the journey to get through the lows and acceptance. Even after accepting the journey, we need strength and endurance to get through our worst days.

Designing the triangle was about keeping it as simple as possible and to complement the already heavily textured octagon and square.

The border

The border that embraces all of the motifs represents Love and Happiness. Throughout the journey, our partners, family and friends are our pillar of strength. Love is what gets us through the journey. Happiness comes naturally as we accept our journey, sharing it helps others as it brings awareness, thus if just 1 person can be healed from making this blanket, my heart will be full.

The design process was simple but to sum up all the parts of the blanket. The flower corners represent how we have grown throughout our journey. Just like how a flower blossoms, my hope is that this pattern also brings closure and happiness to many that have been through similar.

Lillie's Dream MAL (Make-A-Long) 

Now that Lillie's Dream has been released, i am happy to announce there will be a Make-A-Long.

This is where you purchase the pattern as a whole and each week we complete sections as a group. You don't need to wait for the next part of the pattern as you already have the complete pattern.

I am yet to settle on dates, but sometime in November is when it will start. This will give you plenty on time to make sure you have all the supplies you need and decide what size you wish to make.

Stay tuned for updates on the MAL. I am super excited as it is my first time hosting a MAL. I think it will be a little less stressful than a CAL, but no matter what i can't wait to see everyone's Lillie's come to life.

Thank you

Last but not least i would like to thank all of my testers for their hard work throughout the testing phase of this design. Over the last 7 months they have created amazing blankets. Check out the projects tab for Lillie's Dream on Ravelry to see their amazing work. Every day i grateful for these amazing women, without them patterns would not be the best they are.

So until next time, i hope you enjoy this new design and please if you have any questions or need help with any Buttonnose Crochet patterns, contact me via Facebook, Instagram or email. Although i am in Australia, i will answer as soon as i can.

Lots of love and crafting happiness,


Buttonnose Crochet